Air conditioning repairs have gone very costly but there are a few tricks that can keep them under control. There are a few maintenance tasks which can reduce your air conditioner repair bills by a great extent. These tricks not only trim down the repair costs but also elongate the life span of the unit. Let’s have a look at them.

You can consult your air conditioning repair company, for a seasonal check-up contract. Usually the tune-ups and inspections are done as per the scheduled appointments prior to the arrival of summer and winter. The technicians you hire will prepare the HVAC system at your place according to the upcoming season and increase its efficiency to the fullest. Moreover, if they find any problems with the system, they will repair it immediately and prevent it from developing into a major issue. This way they save you from spending lots of money that would have been needed in case of big repairs. Moreover, sudden breakdowns in the middle of any season can make you face immense discomfort. Such check-up contracts are not very costly, especially when compared to individual visits of the technicians.

More usage of any appliance will obviously decrease its life and make it break down more frequently. So it’s better to turn off the thermostat when it’s not in use. You can make good use of fans and heaters at such times. Just ensure that these additional machines are not left on when there’s no one in the home. Besides, you must change the filters of your system periodically. Clean them at least once a month and clean them every six months so that the airflow remains in flow always.

Cleaning the outside component of the system helps a lot in keeping them intact for a long time. Remove all the debris, dust and any other sort of obstructive materials from it. When it comes to cleaning outside, clear the dust and debris from the vents. You also need to see that no piece of furniture in front of the system is obstructing the airflow. Sometimes one or more units in the system freeze up and create problems. You can prevent this troublesome situation just by cleaning outdoor PVC pipe properly. You can use a solution of water and bleach mixed equally to prevent the growth of mold and algae.

One more way to save on the repair costs of air conditioning systems is to hire a service provider which offers cost effective services. There are thousands of air conditioning repair companies which offer superior quality services at affordable rates. The low cost of their services cause no harm to the quality. Lots of good companies are providing top notch services at attractive prices out of the competition prevailing in the industry. Just select a good company and keep your repair costs under control.


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An air conditioners primary job is to remove moisture from the room to give us a feeling of comfort. During this process they create a lot of water. How much, is dependent upon humidity in the air, size of the air conditioner, its operating efficiency, and whether it was properly installed.

Water removed from the air during operation falls down the cooling coil and drops into the base. From here it follows channels or passages to the rear of air conditioner. Some of the water is lifted up by the fan blade and used to cool the heating coil, while most proceeds to the rear. Once at the rear it drops out of the base and onto the ground. That is, if everything is working perfectly.

The reality of window air conditioners is that they can leak water. One that leaks can drive you crazy trying to find the cause of the problem. The following are a few suggestions of the most common reasons why water leakage occurs.

1. Improperly installed.

A window air conditioner must be slightly lower at the rear than the front. This allows the water being removed from the room to drain to the back of the machine. A difference of one inch is sufficient. This is always the first thing to check. Many are improperly installed in the haste to get relief from the heat. If installed too low at front the water will flow into the room rather than outside. If installed too low at rear, water can roll out front edges before has chance to exit towards rear drain.

2. Icing up.

Water being de-humidified can turn to ice if there are problems with the cooling system. There are many reasons for an air conditioner to produce ice. Remove front grille while machine is operating. If ice is present on the cooling coil you will probably need service. For more information see our other article: Why window Air Conditioners Ice up.

3. Air leakage around air conditioner.

If warm air is able to enter around the air conditioner it will encounter cooler, dryer air. When they meet condensation will occur. If water leaking from front of air conditioner inspect to see if dripping from body of machine, or water droplets clinging to front area. To test, operate machine for 30 minutes and then use flashlight to check under front edge of base. Small water droplets here indicate an air leakage problem. Add foam insulation to stop warm air from infiltrating.

4. Drain hole blocked.

Rear of air conditioner base has a drain hole or groove to allow water to escape. If becomes blocked water can back up. To test, operate machine for 30 minutes and then inspect if draining properly. If appears blocked use a small piece of wood to open drain hole at rear of metal base. CAUTION: Never be tempted to drill holes into the air conditioner body to relieve water pooling. Severe damage can result.

5. Internal drains blocked.

There are small passageways that allow water to drain from front of air conditioner to the rear. If they become blocked water will pool at front of machine and overflow onto floor. If this happens the air conditioner will require removal from window and servicing.

6. Outside temperature too cold.

This occurs at end of cooling season. If outside temperatures drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit at night the cooling coil may ice up. If no leakage at bedtime but water in front of machine in morning, suspect this problem. If this problem suspected turn off machine before bedtime and restart as day warms. Alternately, operate machine at night with selector switch in ‘fan only’ position. This will circulate room air during night but not allow cooling.


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Mini fridge has become an indispensable home appliance for many people. It looks good for your mini bar. You can choose from many designs, shapes and dimensions. Perhaps you’ve seen one that resembles a big coke bottle or can. Without a doubt, this model is eye catching but may not be as portable as you want. No matter what it is, you have to take a few factors into account before making your decision.

First of all, how small a fridge for you to call it a mini fridge? Most of them are portable enough that you can carry it with you while traveling or camping, especially when kids are involved. Thirst and hunger are two things you’ll hear often, and a mini fridge will be a perfect solution. Make sure it has both AC and DC adapter though so you can plug it in into the car’s lighter socket.

For college students and cubicles, this appliance doesn’t need much space at all. But beware, some of them only keep the contents cool enough. Others are capable of cooling up to 40 degrees below ambient temperature. The latter is able to prevent ice in your juice from melting for five to seven hours, depends on the day.

Are there any disadvantages? I hate to tell you this but there are. Obviously, the first one is capacity. You can only put limited amount of foods or drinks inside. On average, half a dozen cans of soft drinks. It may or may not be sufficient for your situation.

Also, it is important to point out that most small fridges do not come with freezer. Of course, what could you expect from a fridge of this size?

However, if there is meat that you would want to keep frozen, this option is far from ideal. In this case, you may need slightly larger and expensive models with tiny freezer. Research around for your options. Obviously not all mini fridge is suitable for everyone.

Mini fridge is an attractive option for those looking for the convenient of a refrigerator with limited space. It will save you many trips back and forth the kitchen when you are watching the big game and want to say hydrated. You can also use it to keep baby formula cold and handy when you are traveling with the baby.


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American Fridge Freezers add style and sophistication to a kitchen not to mention practicality. The side by side fridge freezer integration saves space and despite what many people think they can be fitted in most mid-sized kitchens and even in a small kitchen. The American Fridge Freezer market is dominated by few major players and here are the top 3.

Please note that these American Style Fridge Freezer manufacturers are not listed in any given order since this is not the intention of this list. These are simply what we consider to be the top manufacturers of this type of household appliance.

Samsung American Fridge Freezers

Over the years Samsung has become a major player of the household appliance market with top notch products in various fields such as the home refrigeration with a unique line of products like the stylish American Fridge Freezers. Samsung H series was a success with side by side refrigerator s in black, white and stainless finishes to add style and elegance to any kitchen design.

The new G series side by side refrigerator s utilises a high end insulation technology that provides an extra 100 litres of internal space without affecting the exterior dimensions. Samsung’s unique humidity control technology also known as Twin Cooling Plus keeps food fresher for longer by maintaining a humidity level of up to 75%.

Samsung American style refrigerator s offer all the functionalities you and could wish for in a fridge freezer. Tilt can carry, Fresh Room, bigger box drawers, LED Tower Lighting and the list goes on and on.

Price range of Samsung side by side refrigerator s vary from £600 all the way up to £1500.

LG American Fridge Freezers

LG is well known for its high definition Plasma and LCD TVs but what many people don’t realise is that LG also excel in the manufacturing of other household appliances, such as Fridge Freezers in particular the American style ones.

LG American Refrigerators differ from others for being what they call plumbing free, allowing you to install it anywhere you wish without the need of having to worry about being near a water pipe and tap. LG’s unique linear compressor minimises mechanical loss, saves energy, reduces noise, increases durability and brings nature’s freshness efficiently to your home.

Amongst all manufacturers LG is the one that cares the most about the environment by producing the most eco friendly refrigerator s. The LG linear compressor helps you reduce your home’s carbon footprint by an amount equivalent to planting 16 new pine trees each and every year.

If you are looking for energy efficient eco friendly and cost effective American style refrigerator LG is your brand of choice.

Bosch American Fridge Freezers

Bosch household appliances are of the highest quality with incredible functionalities, attention to detail, stylish finishes not to mention the energy efficiency of all products. All these characteristics put Bosch amongst the high end manufacturers of white goods. With Bosch American Style Refrigerators is no different.

Bosch refrigerator s go a step further when the subject is energy efficiency as they can save anything from 20% to 40% than ordinary A+ rated models, thanks to the exclusive “Green Technology Inside”.

All refrigerator s have a stunning finish be it in gloss black, white or stainless steel with external in-door LED electronic controls, separate cooling systems in the fridge and freezer sections that prevent transfer of odours, SafetyLock and indoor water and ice dispenser.

Now it is up to you to decide which is the American Style Fridge Freezer that best suits your needs or the one that will blend in better with your kitchen design.


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Before, most households have refrigerator s that have freezers on top – the top mount freezer. It is also called the top freezer refrigerator . There are many types, around fix or six types of refrigerator that once can choose from in the market. Among these types though, the top mount is the most traditional and remains the most popular.

Second to the top mount fridge is another type, its opposite in fact, the bottom mount freezer or bottom freezer refrigerator . It is relatively newer and younger than its top mount cousin but is steadily gaining more popularity especially among modern families.

So which type of refrigerator is better – top mount or bottom mount? Actually it’s a question of which of these models would work the best for you! In this article, the two major types of refrigerator s will be described and their pros and cons explained. I hope that at the end of the article, your mind will clear up and you will be able to choose which of the two would suit your lifestyle best.

Top Mount Freezer

This may be the the mother of modern refrigerator s but that would be an exaggeration. Anyway, as said previously in this article, the top mount refrigerator is the more traditional of all the types available today in the market. As its name suggests, it is a kind of fridge where the top part opens to the freezer while a bigger bottom part houses the main refrigerator .

Top freezer refrigerator s are said to be suitable for people who frequently use or choose or even look at the food stored inside the freezer. In short, this type of refrigerator will suit best a person who has an affinity for meat, fish and chicken and for frozen goods such as ice cream. However, it is not recommended for people, for example vegetable- lovers, who has to use the body of the refrigerator more frequently.

This kind of refrigerator , in comparison to the other types, generally give the most space for food storage. Top freezer refrigerator s, because they have been in the market long enough, have already come up with innovations and even a wider range of styles and colors. Top mount fridges are also the least expensive among all the other refrigerator types.

At a glance:


1. The top mount refrigerator offers the most storage space compared to the other types.

2. The top mount fridge generally comes with wider refrigerator shelves.

3. Among all fridge types, the top mount freezer is least expensive.

4. Buyers can choose from a wider range of selection of top mount freezers.


1. The top mount fridge is not recommended for people who frequently use the main body of the refrigerator .

Bottom Mount Freezer

Younger and generally newer than the first type, the bottom mount fridge refrigerator s have been steadily gaining popularity over the other refrigerator types and are preferred by new families and modern households. While there are still more top freezer mount units offered in the market as compared to bottom freezer mount units, more and more manufacturers have jumped up the fridge wagon and offer this type of fridge.

This type of refrigerator will serve best people who do not do frequent freezer trips. Instead, it is recommended for people who use the contents of the main body of the refrigerator more often. As its name suggests, the freezer is placed below the body of the fridge and so it gives us a better view of the foods in the main storage.

However, the bottom mount freezer or the bottom refrigerator offers less storage space than the top freezer refrigerator . This is also not recommended for people who have to have frequent access to the goods stored in the freezer. Also, as of now, there are still no bottom mount fridge models that come with features such as water and ice dispensers.

At a glance:


1. The bottom mount fridge is much more convenient for people who don’t use the freezer often.

2. If you choose a good looking bottom mount freezer, it can give your kitchen a modern look.


1. The bottom mount refrigerator freezer is not recommended for people who have to use the freezer often.

2. The bottom mount refrigerator freezer costs much more than top mount freezers.

3. Most bottom mount freezers offer less storage space compared to the first type.

4. Buyers can choose from a small selection of bottom mount freezer models.

5. As of now, less features are available on most bottom mount freezers.


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Always remember that appliances do not last forever. You will surely encounter problems time and again. Refrigerators are not exempted. Although they usually last longer in comparison to other home appliances, they are still not invulnerable to problems and damages.

However, you can do a lot of things to maintain the steadfast functions of your fridge. Here are some tips on how to avoid common refrigerator problems and damages:

1. Try maintaining a good temperature inside the fridge.

Do not set it up to an extremely low temperature. It is actually better to set the temperature in between 37 and 40 degree Fahrenheit. This will help minimize the growth of bacteria without freezing the goods that do not freeze well such as milk and other dairy products.

In addition to that, it will prevent the parts of your freeze from frosting or turning into ice. When the temperature drops, this might cause leaky refrigerator problems.

2. Keep it clean all the time.

If there are spills, wipe them away using a damp cloth. Make sure that the interior of the fridge stays dry and clean. This will prevent molds from appearing inside. Also wipe the bottom of condiments such as mustard or ketchup. They can leave stains inside the fridge.

3. Avoid slamming the door of the fridge shut.

This might damage the rubber gasket of the machine. This is responsible in sealing cold air inside the machine. If the rubber gasket is damaged, cold air might escape and your fridge might have trouble maintaining the right temperature level inside. This might lead to an increase in energy consumption.

Gently close the door. Occasionally check the reliability of the rubber gasket. To do that, just insert a dollar bill. Pull it out. If there is no resistance, you might have to replace the gasket.

4. Vacuum the condenser coils.

The coils exhaust hot air. You should vacuum it regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt. This will make sure that the machine will efficiently exhaust hot air.

You might have to remove the screws that seal the back panel of the fridge. Be careful in removing the screws. You wouldn’t want to break the back panel.

5. Replace the water filter if your refrigerator has a built-in water dispenser.

This can collect hard minerals and debris after some time. It is advisable to replace the filter two to three times a year. This will make sure that water will flow easily.


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I’m often asked by my customers if Sub Zero refrigerator s are worth the money. My answer is always the same – maybe. Let me explain…

If you are talking about longevity, overall quality, and food preservation, my answer is always absolutely! And if the price tag fits in your budget, it is a no-brainer to me. I owned one a few years ago and can tell you my strawberries lasted up to two weeks (which was incredible considering my produce department background!); cheese left on a plate (as an experiment) didn’t mold or crust over after a month; and an opened container of ice cream was still fresh after discovering it more than a month and a half later.

Sub Zero claims a family can save as much as $25 a week in food spoilage because of the dual refrigeration system. I always thought that was an exaggerated claim until I owned one and estimated I was saving approximately $10 a week as a bachelor. If you are a Costco shopper and like to buy things like the multi pack of Romaine lettuce and find you can’t make it past two head before they spoil, the more humid compartment Sub Zero provides will give you more time to finish the package of lettuce.

A major advantage of having a dual refrigeration system as Sub Zero has is longevity. The average life of a refrigerator today is approximately 10.5 years. Sub Zero’s average lifecycle is 17 years. (Climate has a contributing factor. In the Pacific Northwest where it is cooler than in the southern U.S., refrigerator s don’t have to work as hard because of a lower average temperature. It is not uncommon to find Sub Zero refrigerator s lasting beyond 20 years here.) The reason for a longer lifespan is largely due to having two compressors. One cools the refrigerator while the other cools the freezer. Most other refrigerator s have a single compressor that is working most all the time. It doesn’t take much imagination to see the dual system lasts longer.

Overall quality is excellent because these refrigerator s are still built largely by hand and in the USA. They are a family owned company and take great pride in their product.

So I hear you saying, “Why does Consumer Reports show a higher rate of repair?” Consumer Reports show service history for products under warranty. This is a bit of a disadvantage for companies with a generous warranty such as Sub Zero. Most companies offer a 1 year parts and labor warranty with up to 5 years on parts. Sub Zero offers the industries strongest warranty – 2 full years parts and labor and up to 12 years on the sealed system! The other thing C.R. doesn’t tell you is that a lot of the service calls have to do with improper installation (water / icemaker not working because the installer didn’t turn the water valve on, etc.) or even for something as simple as a broken icemaker. Icemakers are the Achilles Heal of the appliance world. For as good as Sub Zero is, they use icemakers made by Whirlpool. There aren’t many icemaker manufacturers to choose from in the industry.

If you have a large family and you are at the grocery store several times a week, don’t plan on being in your home for more than 7 years, or if you are like a costume of mine who while writing his check out for his Sub Zero proclaimed, “$8000.00 just to keep my beer cold”, you may do just as well with something under $2000 – depending on your kitchen design. However, if it fits the budget, I will highly recommend buying a Sub Zero.


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At a given time, your home refrigerator probably holds enough food to feed you and your family for about a week. A restaurant refrigerator , on the other hand, has to be stocked every day with enough food to keep a dining room full of paid customers happy, with surplus stock just in case. That’s why restaurant kitchens need commercial refrigeration units rather than standard residential fridge models.

But what’s the difference between the two? Aside from the sheer volume of food that has to be stored inside, commercial refrigerator s have several advantages that help them meet the high performance expectations in a restaurant setting. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, when your fridge breaks down, you want to hire the right person to fix it-and for a commercial model, you’ll need a repair technician with the training, licensing, and specialized experience to get the job done right.

Size and Layout

It may seem obvious, but commercial fridges must be significantly larger than residential models, which are usually designed to be as sleek and unobtrusive as possible in a home kitchen. Additionally, while residential fridge models often feature an array of shelves and drawers to separate food, commercial models tend to be utilitarian inside: two to four shelves designed for easy food access and stacking. A home unit might have an attached freezer, ice maker, and water dispenser, while in commercial kitchens, those are often separate appliances.

Cooling Power

Commercial refrigeration systems are much more powerful than standard models. This is in part because they’re larger and must cool more food at once. Additionally, in a restaurant setting, there are health department codes related to the temperature at which food must be stored. A commercial fridge must keep food at a consistent temperature so that all food that goes out of the kitchen is safe for customers to eat. Note that residential fridge models are often more energy-efficient than commercial units; in order to produce consistent cooling in a large space, a commercial fridge must run constantly.


Residential fridges can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. You can choose a colored exterior, a plastic finish, or a shiny metal surface, depending on your kitchen decor. With commercial refrigerator s, however, aesthetics aren’t really a consideration. Most commercial units have a stainless steel exterior for ease of cleaning. There are fewer size and shape options, as well, because in a commercial kitchen, form matters less than function.

Repair Considerations

Because of these differences between residential and commercial refrigerator s, not all refrigerator repair technicians will take both house and business calls. In general, it’s always a good idea to ensure that the appliance repair professional you hire has experience or training to work on your specific unit, and this is even more vital in a commercial setting. Delayed or improper refrigerator repairs in a restaurant kitchen can shut down the business or make patrons ill, resulting in a loss of income and possible fines from the health department. If you have a commercial refrigeration unit that’s not pulling its weight, don’t trust your appliance’s health to a technician who’s under-qualified. Call someone with experience in commercial appliance repair.


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